Add a little swag to your next event with these 10 event giveaway ideas

24 Sep

Event Giveaway bags

Add a little swag to your next event with these 10 event giveaway ideas


There is considerable thought and planning that must go into any corporate event, including how to encourage participation and support engagement. One of the most beneficial ways to do this is by offering something a little extra for your event attendees.


Event giveaways are fantastic tools, not only for supporting interest in the event itself, but for improving brand awareness and recognition among participants as well. These free “swag” items are also a great way to reflect the personality of your brand, and further the theme of the event.


Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and creative ideas for event giveaways that you can use to garner the attention and participation of your attendees.

Event giveaway ideas that your attendees will love


Once you’ve decided to do a giveaway at your event, it can be difficult to come up with just the perfect item or gift. Thankfully, we’ve come up with 10 great ideas that you can consider.


Whether you’re looking to support an in-person or digital event, consider adding a giveaway or prize element, like these examples:

1. Branded swag bag


An event gift bag gives you the perfect opportunity to offer branded, promotional items that help display the personality of your company. Items that feature your logo and are also useful to your event attendees are great, and they are a cost-efficient way to improve brand awareness.


It’s important that the items you choose match up with your company’s current branding, however. Thoughtfulness here is important, as your attendees will notice if swag-bag items don’t reflect your brand. For instance, if your business is big on sustainability, it’s probably best to skip any single-use items or plastic bags.

2. Product samples


In addition to branded items in a gift bag, you can also consider giving event participants a look at your offerings through some product samples.


As Rafflepress pointed out, a great strategy here is to include limited edition or even pre-release products, to support a feeling of exclusivity for event participants. And, in the instance of new products yet to be widely released, you might even get some valuable customer feedback while helping to promote the upcoming release.

3. Local business or partner bundle basket


In addition to your own products, you might also consider creating a swag or gift bag that includes offerings from other businesses as well. These other companies might be partner organizations that are also involved in the event, or other local businesses that could benefit from the exposure of the event.

4. Digital gift bag


As virtual events become more popular, it’s worth considering an event giveaway like a digital gift bag. This gift can include links to special offers or promotions, digital gift cards and other online-only items, and can be sent directly to event participants through their email. Best of all, this strategy can help with lead generation, as you’ll now have your participants’ digital contact information for later outreach.

5. Seasonal items


Depending on when you host your event, you could offer participants certain seasonal items that align with the timing and theme of your gathering. For instance, a summer event is perfect for giveaways like water bottles and beach towels, whereas participants attending winter events might appreciate gloves, blankets and other cold-weather items.

7. Event tickets


While some events benefit from goodie bags for all participants, you can also consider a contest or raffle approach that includes a larger, more enticing giveaway prize. Tickets to local events like sports games or concerts are perfect, and encourage your event attendees to engage and participate.

8. Membership subscriptions


Another beneficial option for event giveaways are one-time or monthly subscription services. Offerings like monthly, curated subscription boxes are growing in popularity, and consumers appreciate the convenience of having items delivered right to their doors. Similarly, you could also offer a subscription to a streaming digital service, like a music, movie or other entertainment service.

9. Virtual happy hour session


This unique event giveaway idea is a perfect contest or raffle prize, and involves a one-on-one conference call session for the winner. This is another great giveaway that can support the theme of your event – for example, an event aimed at brand awareness might offer a happy hour session with the company CEO, or even a local celebrity. In addition to the digital session itself, the winner might also receive a delivered box that includes a bottle of wine for their enjoyment.

10. Mystery prize


A secret mystery prize can help garner interest and excitement on the part of your attendees, while also providing a great ice breaker and topic of conversation. This mystery giveaway item could be any of the previous suggestions from this list, or even a “CEO’s choice” gift, where the company’s leader selects an item as a gift.



Overall, event giveaways are a great way to connect with your event participants, support the theme of your event, or even highlight an element of the local culture. For more tips on planning your next meeting or event, check out our blog and connect with one of our global DMCs today.