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31 Aug

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August 2020

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“Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, you and your clients must currently be facing a lot of restrictions on your daily life, your business and your travel plans. We would like to keep sharing inspiring places and ideas for your future trips – while we may not be able to carry out our events at the moment, we should keep dreaming and think of our possible trips in the future. Stay safe! “


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Yangon Myanmar

See the Famous Temples of Yangon


Yangon is the commercial and cultural hub of Myanmar and is well known for some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples in the world. Visit the Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda Temple to see the stunning 213 foot-long gold-draped, Reclining Buddha statue. The statue is 52 feet tall and has mesmerizing blue glass eyes. The most famous temple in Yangon is the Shwedagon Pagoda. Standing 325 feet tall, the temple is easily recognized by its striking gold facade. Said to be about 2,500 years old, the temple is rumored to contain 8 strands of Buddha’s hair.


If you’re looking for an interesting way to experience the city, Three Treasures offer private group photography tours of Yangon. Plan a day out with your team to visit and photograph temples, a beautiful market and sometimes even an amusement park that lays abandoned within the city.

The Best Tastes of Thai in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is a cultural city with a historic Old Town and it’s known for its wonderful Northern Thai cuisine. There are a few key dishes you must try when visiting Chiang Mai, and a trip to one of the markets is a must.


One of the most popular dishes that Chiang Mai is known for is Khao Soi. This comforting soup consists of a broth made from a combination of coconut, chili, shallot, turmeric, ginger, curry, cilantro, and lime with noodles, chicken and crispy fried egg noodles on top.


Sai Oua is a northern style of Thai sausage often found in restaurants and the markets. They are grilled, sliced and served in delicious bite-size pieces making it a wonderful snack. Another great snack the region is known for is Nam Prik Ong. This pork and tomato-based dip is usually served with sliced vegetables and occasionally with fried pork rinds, boiled eggs or Thai sausage. This is a perfect dish to share with a group. If you would like to learn more about Thai cuisine take a class at Chiang Mai Thai Farm. This organic farm offers the opportunity to learn about Thai food with a trip to the market and a hands-on cooking class.


How to choose a conference venue and how a DMC can help


Garfield Park Conservatory, Palm House, Chicago


A trusted destination management company (DMC) with local experience is the perfect partner for managing venue selection and related tasks.



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3 Things To Keep In Mind With A Corporate Fun Run


Athletes winning a corporate fun run


In this blog post we are highlighting the steps to organize a corporate fun run and how a DMC can help you making it a success.




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What are some fun team building activities in Europe?


Wine Tasting France_ Team Building Activities


A trusted destination management company (DMC) with local experience is the perfect partner for managing venue selection and related tasks.



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