3 Things To Keep In Mind With A Corporate Fun Run

07 Aug

Athletes winning a corporate fun run


3 Things To Keep In Mind With A Corporate Fun Run


Hosting, sponsoring or otherwise participating in a corporate fun run event is a great way to get your client’s brand on the map, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility to the community or a specific, worthy cause. So many individuals elect to run for a particular cause, and as the host of a corporate fun run, you are the enabler to bring these participants together, engage them with a memorable event and do good for the world. Whether your event planning agency is spearheading and putting on the event, or simply participating as sponsors or runners, a corporate fun run can be an ideal event for the warmer months of the year. 


However, considerable planning and coordination are required to make these events a success, particularly when event planners host a destination run in an area that they’re not completely familiar with. Particularly in these cases, partnering with a local destination management company (DMC) can make all the difference, helping to ensure that fun run hosts choose the best venue and provide an exciting experience for participants.


Let’s take a look at a few of the most important elements to keep in mind for corporate fun run events.

1. Choosing the destination


Before reaching out to partners for sponsorship or encouraging running participation, event planners must first decide where the fun run will be held. Selecting the destination takes careful planning and thoughtful consideration. After all, it’s not just about finding a venue that can accommodate a corporate race day route – hosts must also consider whether the region has adequate lodging and transportation for attendees. What’s more, there are other considerations that must be factored in here as well, including certain local event or gathering restrictions, coordination to ensure that the run doesn’t impede other events, and the use of public spaces in the area.


Additionally, the destination hosts choose could be so successful, that they decide to make it an annual event. For example, well-known, annual marathons take place in Tokyo and Seoul, and the Seoul Marathon has been held every year since 1931.


With these success stories in mind, event hosts should reach out to a DMC with an extensive service area, like the partners of the Global DMC Network. A DMC can provide the local expertise and knowledge needed to choose the best company fun run destination, which will encourage corporate sponsorship and race day participation. 

2. Corporate sponsorship and charity fundraising


While corporate fun run events can help propel hosts and corporate sponsors, event planners should also consider the purpose of the fun run. For instance, many corporate runs include a fundraising aspect, where participants actively fundraise their participation and make a donation to a particular cause.


As nonprofit software provider Classy noted, most corporate run or race events include a theme of charitable fundraising, with the goal of spreading awareness about a particular cause or promoting donor engagement.


Event hosts can consider having fun run participants get sponsorship or donations for their participation in the race, or include a registration fee for runners that will be donated to a selected cause.


The hosting business can also reach out to its partners, vendors or other companies for event sponsorship to help fund the cost of the event, and bolster the resulting fundraising efforts or charitable donation.


3. Creating an experience for participants


Once event hosts have worked with an expert DMC to choose the best race day destination, and have selected a worthy, charitable cause or fundraising effort for the corporate race day, it’s time to consider the experience they’ll offer runners.


Some key steps to take here include:


  • Spreading awareness through social media: A beneficial strategy here is to create a dedicated social media page to provide updates, images, video and other details ahead of the event. This can help garner interest and participation in the corporate fun run.


  • Establish a website for registration: In addition to spreading the word on social media, event hosts can also create a website to provide more information about fundraising efforts and enable participants to register. The website can also include details about the corporate race day destination, and recommendations on lodging and transportation, which hosts can get from their DMC partner. Take, for example, the website for the annual Tokyo Marathon, which features photos and content leading up to, and after the yearly event.


  • Consider local media coverage: Besides publicizing the event on their own, fun run hosts and sponsors can also reach out to local media outlets for event coverage. Additionally, this media coverage can help shine a spotlight on the businesses’ efforts and corporate social responsibility for the race’s cause.


  • Set up the race route and finish line: While digital channels are helpful, event hosts can also work with their DMC partner to help plan the race route. Once plotted out, hosts should be sure that route is clearly designated for participants, and that a finish line is set up to support their race day experience. Hosts might also consider having an announcer at the finish line to call out the names of those completing the race.


  • Preparing drink and concession stations: In addition to designating a starting and stopping point for the race, hosts should also ensure that participants and spectators can easily obtain food and drinks during the run. Those helping to set up the race route might consider putting in place water stations for runners, as well as concession stands offering sports drinks and snacks for those watching, or for after the race.


  • Corporate fun run results: Event hosts can consider taking their fun run a step further by publishing the race results on a leaderboard at the finish line, on the website and/or on the event social media page.


  • Awards ceremony: With the help of their DMC partner, corporate sponsors could also plan an awards ceremony, either at the race day location or a separate event venue. This ceremony can serve to highlight the efforts of corporate fun run participants and shine a spotlight on the charitable donation resulting from the event.


How a DMC can help


The right DMC partner can help event planners and sponsors offer the best corporate fun run event, creating a fun and memorable experience for runners and a lasting impression in the form of a charitable donation.


From selecting the corporate race day destination, to provide location details to race day participants and assisting with the awards ceremony, a DMC can make all the difference for organizations and their corporate fun run events.


To find out more, connect with us, or one of our Global DMC Network partners today.