Traveling to Nevada? Top Things to do in Las Vegas

21 Jul

Las Vegas

Traveling to Nevada? Top Things to do in Las Vegas


When it comes to United States travel destinations, few measure up to the unique and varied experiences travelers can find in Las Vegas, Nevada. From taking in a show to escaping the city for the area’s natural wonders, it’s no surprise that nearly 50 million people visited the city in 2019.


Whether travelers are heading out for business or leisure, Las Vegas has something to offer for every group. And when travelers plan their itineraries with the help of a local destination management company like MC&A, with deep expertise and local knowledge, they can make their Vegas experience truly incredible.


Let’s take a look at some of the must-do activities and attractions near the downtown Las Vegas Strip, as well as outside the city.


Near the Las Vegas Strip


The Strip is a section of Las Vegas where the majority of the city’s resorts, hotels and casinos are located. This makes this area perfect for a stroll to take in the famous neon lights and casino signage.


Beyond gambling, this area offers travelers the opportunity to engage in a few other unique experiences, including:


A tour of the Neon Museum


While a drive down Las Vegas Boulevard will give travelers a look at today’s neon lights, tourists can also take a step back into the past and see what the neon lights looked like years ago through the Neon Museum. This is an ideal group travel activity, allowing visitors to take a walking tour to view classic signage from famous casinos and businesses. Museum goers can also enjoy the Brilliant show, which includes music and projected lights to give visitors the full effect of the restored neon.

City history at the Mob Museum


While the Neon Museum provides a look at the lighter side of the city, visitors can also plan a trip to the Mob Museum to learn more about Las Vegas’ history with organized crime and law enforcement. Exhibits include historical artifacts and even interactive activities like the firearm training simulator.

Look up for the Fremont Street Experience


Located just off the main Las Vegas Strip is the Fremont Street Experience, an exciting section of street blocked off from vehicle traffic for walking and exploring. Above visitors’ heads is a sparkling, light-up canopy that features an interactive video screen playing music, videos and performances. The Fremont Light Show takes place hourly, each evening after sunset, and the 1,300-foot-long and 90-foot-wide light canopy is something visitors won’t soon forget.


And, for the most daring members of the group, there’s even the option to ride the Slotzilla Zip Line, which runs directly over the street and below the light canopy.

Unique boutique shopping at the Downtown Container Park


This isn’t your normal shopping trip. The Downtown Container Park includes retail shops, restaurants and more, all from individual shipping containers. From art and jewelry, to food and beverages, visitors can find something to munch on, as well as the perfect souvenir to commemorate their trip.

Enjoy the outdoors with a day trip


Although Las Vegas is best known for flashing lights and gambling, this area of the U.S. is also home to some beautiful natural sights as well. Groups looking to experience Nevada’s great outdoors should consider partnering with a DMC like MC&A, who can help plan an exciting group day trip to:


Lake Mead


This location is popular with locals and tourists alike, and is particularly ideal for groups that like to engage in more active experiences. From hiking trails and bike paths, to boat and kayak rentals, travelers can enjoy everything this national park has to offer.


Hoover Dam


A roughly 40 minute drive will take travelers from the heart of the city to Hoover Dam, where they can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountainous area, as well as a tour of the dam’s impressive inner-workings.

Red Rock Canyon


Few areas provide the gorgeous views and natural spectacles offered by Red Rock Canyon. A day trip to the canyon is well-suited for active travelers looking to experience the beauty of the desert and learn about local plants and wildlife. Red Rock Canyon also offers hiking trails featuring picturesque waterfalls and horseback riding.  

Mount Charleston and the Spring Mountains


Groups looking for a different type of mountainous experience can consider Mount Charleston, along the Spring Mountain. This area is lush and green in the summer and spring, but is also known for its snowy peaks in the winter, providing an amazing spectrum of the local season.


Off-road hiking and driving trails allow adventurous groups to explore the alpine area, stop for a picnic or even camp overnight in this gorgeous desert location.

Plan your Las Vegas adventure today


These activities are only the beginning. Whether your group is traveling for a corporate meeting or conference, or you’re looking to create a memorable and rewarding incentive trip, Las Vegas has experiences and activities to suit every travel need.


Connect with a local DMC like MC&A to start planning today, and be sure that your Vegas adventure will be one that your group won’t soon forget.