Creating a dynamic product launch plan

07 Jul

Product Launch Audience

Creating a dynamic product launch plan


Planning out the perfect product launch takes time, numerous considerations and the right venue in order to make the intended mark on a company’s target audience. These days, businesses are getting more creative than ever before with their product launch plans creating events and spectacles based around the new product release.


This means that there’s a lot riding on your product launch plan. Pulling it off will require an expert destination management company with insight into the ideal launch location.

What to consider for a launch location


There are a few things to think about when planning your next launch event:


  • What type of launch event are you planning? Will this be a small-scale, intimate event, or a larger conference with lots of attendees? Would an outdoor space be better for the theme of the event? Taking the time to consider the type of event, how many will be in attendance and the kind of space you’re looking for will help narrow your options.


  • What kinds of features will the location need to support your launch? In addition to thinking about the size and capacity of the venue, you should also consider other features like lighting capabilities, whether or not the venue has a stage, and the other special elements that your location will need.


  • Connect with a DMC to choose your product launch location. Even after these considerations, it’s still a bit of a complex process to find just the right venue to make your launch extraordinary. Working with an expert DMC can help you pick the perfect location, and streamline planning and execution for the event.


Successful product launches in the real world


Let’s take a look at how the above considerations come together to create an unforgettable product launch experience.


Mobile technology company and its conference product launches


One mobile technology provider is well-known for its conference event product launch events. While this brand engages in product releases at conference and trade show events on a nearly annual basis, one of the best examples took place at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference in New York City.


Here, the tech giant released a bevy of products, including its newest three new mobile device models. However, one thing that nearly all of the company’s product launch plans (including this one) have in common is the aura of suspense that the brand creates. The brand never hints at what it will be launching at large-scale conference events like the Developers Conference. This feeling of mystery and suspense, combined with a conference venue that includes a large presentation stage and ample audience space, helps the technology company create a spectacle that captures attention.


“Both the media and general public go crazy speculating what the tech giant has up its sleeve,” Bizzabo contributor Jacob Thomas described.


Global athletic brand leverages a pop-up launch


While some brands appreciate the large-scale theatrics of a product launch at a conference venue, other companies take a smaller, and more guerilla-style approach with their introduction of new merchandise.


Take this global authentic brand, for example, which leveraged its downtown Chicago retail store to host a unique pop-up style event to announce its new running shoe. This example shows the power that an immersive experience can provide for a product launch plan.


While the brand used its own, existing retail store location as its launch venue, the company built a multi-story pop-up outside the store and invited visitors to try out its new running shoe on treadmills. Runners were treated to a high-tech treadmill experience through animated screens on all sides that reacted to their movements.


This fun and immersive experience used on-site technology to help showcase the running shoe, and the event encouraged even non-athletic individuals to give the product a try.


As pop-up style events like this become more common and impactful, though, selecting the right location and venue is key.


Internet browser launch in Thailand


One search engine company looked to bring its browser to a wider community of users, focusing its efforts on a launch in Thailand. As this example shows, incorporating a bit of local culture into the event can make a great impression on the audience.


The search engine company achieved this, while also successfully showcasing the capabilities of its browser. The company brought the story of Ramakein to new users in Thailand, enabling people to view the story and interact with games to better get to know the new browser.


The launch, while mainly a digital event, was a huge success, and resulted in a 53% boost in users in Thailand, as well as the platform becoming the nation’s leading web browser.


How a DMC helps you pull it off


Successful product launch events, particularly those that include a conference announcement or event component, require considerable planning. Choosing the right destination for a product launch is absolutely critical, as it needs to be a location that will provide just the ambiance and venue features to support the theme of the product launch.


This is where a DMC with deep, local expertise can be of particular help. Hosting a product launch event already comes with significant steps and planning, but an expert DMC can help businesses find the ideal site and venue for their event well before the product launch date.


To find out more about how a DMC can support your next product launch event, connect with us at Global DMC Network today.