Top Things to Do in Vietnam

16 Jun

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Top Things to Do in Vietnam


Vietnam is a bright and vibrant country in Southeast Asia, known for its rich culture and deep history. The densely populated nation is home to educational memorials and museums, as well as delicious cuisine, and exciting technological advancements.


The country offers nearly endless possibilities for leisure trips, as well as corporate travel for meetings, incentives, conferences or other events (MICE). However, because Vietnam has so much to offer, and these experiences and adventures are packed into such a small country, it can be difficult to craft the perfect itinerary for a leisure or MICE trip.


Thankfully, a local DMC with in-depth knowledge into the best things to do in Vietnam can help point you and your travel group in the best direction. Whether you’re on a business trip and are looking to incorporate a bit of culture, or you’re looking to visit Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage sites for education and leisure, a local DMC like Tour East can help you find just the activities to fill out your must-do in Vietnam list.


When is the best time to visit?


One of the first steps to take with any travel itinerary is deciding on the arrival and departure dates. If you and your group are looking to attend one of Vietnam’s festivals or events, a local DMC can help advise you of the best travel dates.


It’s also beneficial to consider the country’s weather, including its monsoon or typhoon seasons. While travelers may see better accommodation and activity prices during these down seasons, there are also elements like transportation delays to contend with due to the weather.


One of the best times to travel to Vietnam is during the winter, around December. This marks the beginning of the dry season, and temperatures fall from a humid 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, to a much more comfortable 55 degrees in the winter.


What to do in Vietnam: Some things to avoid


Before we get into our selections for the top things to do, there are some travel scenarios to be especially careful of during a MICE or leisure visit to Vietnam.


Similar to nearly any region across the globe, there are some local scams that target travelers, including illegitimate travel companies attempting to sell packages to those unfamiliar with the area. This is just one of the leading reasons to plan your itinerary and travel activities with the help of an experienced and trusted DMC like Tour East. This DMC has a local office in Ho Chi Minh City, and has been providing exceptional, personalized services for leisure and MICE travelers in Vietnam for years.


Rice paddies of Mu Chang Chai, Vietnam

Top things to do in Vietnam: Off-the-beaten track experiences


Travelers looking for more unique experiences should discuss options like these with their local DMC. A best-in-class destination management expert like Tour East can help with guidance and bookings for activities like:


  • Visit lush rice paddies in Northern Vietnam: The historic and beautiful rice paddies in Mu Chang Chai have been farmed by locals for generations, and are a breathtaking sight.


  • Trek through the world’s largest cave: This activity isn’t for the claustrophobic! The largest discovered cave in the world is situated in Vietnam, and a local DMC can help you and your group book a tour.


  • Tour local architecture: Structures like the Golden Bridge – a rail-lined path supported by two giant hands, jutting out from the lush Vietnamese jungle – and the Dragon Bridge – which spits real fire! – simply need to be seen in person.


Best things to do in Vietnam


Some other leading hot spots and popular activities to consider include:

  • Treat yourself to pho and other cuisine in Hanoi: Vietnam’s cuisine is bold and flavorful, and no trip to the region is complete without sampling some authentic pho, a broth-based soup with meat and noodles.


  • Explore the floating markets in MeKong Delta: There quite a few floating markets hosted in the MeKong Delta, and a local DMC can help you choose the best for your tastes and the preferences of your group. Floating markets offer local vendors a unique and interesting way to provide fruit, vegetables, household utensils and more from their boats. You can even book a guided tour to help you navigate and communicate with local sellers. 


  • Visit Halong Bay: This UNESCO World Heritage site includes a gorgeous landscape of limestone cliffs and lush forests, and includes more than 1,000 islands, many of which are uninhabited. This is a popular tourist spot that’s best explored through a guided tour. 

 A trip to Vietnam can be an incredibly unique and memorable experience, filled with tourist must-do activities, as well as more off-the-beaten path adventures.


Whether you’re traveling with a small or large group, and the purpose of your trip is business (MICE) or leisure, it’s best to reach out to a local DMC like Tour East to help you craft the best itinerary. Tour East has the type of deep, local knowledge and expertise that can help you plan the best things to do in Vietnam.