5 Reasons to Use a Destination Management Company

03 Jun

Reasons to use a DMC

5 Reasons to Use a Destination Management Company


Travel agents and travel planners hire destination management companies (DMC) to provide high-quality professional services for corporate events and other (overseas) experiences. DMCs offer expert local knowledge, responsive support and customized services.

What do DMCs do?


DMCs ensure the success of out-of-town events like group and individual leisure travel, seat-in-coach tours and roadshows, as well as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE).


Travel and event planners work with DMCs when an event is far from their local range of services. They leverage the specialized services of DMCs to arrange and execute various aspects of events and tours around the globe.

DMCs provide services such as:


  • Event organization
  • Venue selection
  • Supplier relations
  • Transportation scheduling
  • Guest coordination


In addition, DMCs can leverage their own supplier relationships to negotiate better prices and ensure their clients get a fair deal.


What are the benefits of working with a DMC?


Working with a DMC is like having a local expert who knows the best service providers, venues and all of the cultural details about a destination. Travel and event planners gain many benefits when they choose a reputable DMC partner, including:

1. Expert knowledge of destinations


Local DMCs work with vendors, service providers, tour guides and other local experts to provide high-quality service at an affordable price. Not only do they have connections with the best local service providers, but they are also familiar with great venues for any type of event.


For example, our Hawaii-based DMC MC&A uses a boutique approach to create customized dinner galas at the beach. They use the unique qualities of the destination to create an event like no other. Ultimately, the goal is to use local themes and culture to help guests feel as if they’ve left their everyday lives and stepped into another realm where they can relax and enjoy themselves.

2. Responsive customer service


DMCs are committed to excellent customer service. They understand that when guests arrive from around the world, they want to feel relaxed and cared for. Destination management consultants work hard to help everyone have the best possible experience at the destination.


If things don’t go as planned, DMCs can respond immediately with local support. For instance, if weather conditions disrupt events plans, a DMC can make alternative arrangements. Their ultimate goal is to keep event guests safe and help protect their clients’ investment. In times of uncertainty, DMCs are uniquely positioned to offer responsive, personalized service.


3. Cost-effective solutions


Without the help of a DMC, it would be nearly impossible for event planners to fully understand local customs, services and pricing schemes. One of the most important reasons to work with a DMC is to safeguard against unscrupulous vendors who overcharge for services.


Whether booking guided tours, finding meeting venues or hiring caterers for an event, DMCs understand how to source local services and goods at a fair price. For instance, our DMC Tumlare helped us plan a three-city roadshow across India, with our representatives flying in from every corner of the globe. With Tumlare’s help, we were able to host our events in amazing venues and gain connections with local media contacts.


4. Comprehensive range of products and services


DMCs can offer everything a travel or event planner needs to create a memorable experience. From incentive and team-building trips to large conferences, DMCs have the people, tools and local connections to make it happen.


Here’s a sampling of what expert DMCs can offer:


  • Accommodations
  • Venue customization
  • Activity planning
  • Logistics
  • VIP services
  • Virtual event support


Not only do DMCs offer these services, but they also make sure that everything comes together into a cohesive experience. For example, our Switzerland-based DMC Kuoni services thousands of groups each year, offering amazing hotel options, sightseeing tours, cultural experiences and full-trip itineraries.


5. Single point of contact


Our DMCs offer exceptional, personalized service to individuals, groups and businesses. Taking into account each customer’s unique needs, our DMCs create experiences that cater to every traveler’s preferences.


Importantly, our DMCs make it easy to make adjustments, get in touch with local vendors and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Rather than needing to contact multiple service providers, our customers only need to make one call. A single point of contact means customers can get the information they need or make requests quickly and then get back to their important work or leisure experience.


For example, our Pacific DMC Tour East makes it easy for its customers to contact them via WhatsApp. Customers can send a quick message and get a response almost instantly; there’s no need to wait on hold or play a game of phone tag with vendors who might not speak English.


DMCs ensure that travelers have an extraordinary trip, and event planners have a stress-free experience. If you’re looking for a reputable DMC, get in touch with one of our DMCs offering services across the world.