What is Switzerland Known for?

28 Apr

. Switzerland Mountains

Mountains, Chocolate.. Banks? What is Switzerland known for?


What is Switzerland known for? There’s a good chance that the nation’s recognizable flag and its reputation for chocolate and cuckoo clocks come to mind. However, there is so much more to this nation than yodeling in the Alps. 


Switzerland is a nation of 8 million citizens, boasting populous cities and top-rated destinations like Geneva and Zurich. And thanks to the nation’s leading hospitality services, safety and picturesque landscapes, Switzerland may just be the ideal location for your company’s next meeting, conference event or incentive trip. 

Incentive travel: Treat your staff to the Swiss experience 


More businesses are engaging in incentive travel, and expanding their budget for these trips. Therefore, it’s worth adding Switzerland to the short list of potential incentive trip destinations. 


Switzerland is known for the opportunity to participate in exciting and unique activities. And these are sure to motivate staff members, boost their productivity and provide a memorable reward for their service. Employers and employees can take part in experiences like: 


● Skiing: No trip to Switzerland would be complete without a visit to the nation’s famous snow-capped mountains. The view alone is breathtaking, and staff members can glide down beautiful mountain paths, including those featured in famous films like the James Bond series. 


● Chocolate making classes: Some groups may prefer to skip extended periods in the snow and instead engage in a warm and inviting indoor activity like a chocolate making class. Strengthen the connection between employees as they learn to melt, temper, pour and create delicious and authentic Swiss chocolate molds. 


● Museum or Garden Tours: Geneva in particular is known for its award-winning museums and lush gardens, many of which offer group guided tours. What better way to get a taste of Swiss history and culture than through viewing paintings at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, or strolling the 200-year-old botanicals at the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques? 

Corporate meetings in the Alps 


Switzerland is also known as an ideal location for more professional corporate events, conferences and meetings. Venue locations through the country offer ample space for larger group gatherings. All of this while event attendees can take in picturesque views of the mountains or countryside. 


Geneva, for example, boasts 82 hotels, and more than 100,000 square feet of available conference center space. Other areas like Interlaken are equally well-equipped. This Swiss town has 200 hotels within its limits and 54,000 square feet of conference space. This is perfect for product launches, training seminars, conferences or nearly any other kind of corporate event.


Switzerland is also a perfect destination for a gala dinner event. The country’s many museums can host larger groups and accommodate beautiful table settings and room for dancing. Other unique locations include a former Swiss watch-making facility or one of the beautiful and historic guild houses in Zurich, which are sure to take attendee’s breath away before they even enter the gala. 


Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or conference gathering, consider setting the mood and making the event truly memorable with the addition of technology like unique LED lighting or custom light shows from a local provider. Connecting with just the right local business to add a bit of flair to your event is easier than ever with the help of an expert DMC. 

What to know about Switzerland before travel 


Before your company jets off to your next incentive trip, meeting or conference in Switzerland, there are a few other details to know about the country: 



Zurich, Switzerland● The Swiss banking process:


It might be tempting to open a Swiss bank account, but these accounts aren’t as private as they seem in Hollywood films. Privacy laws have changed a bit, although movie villains may stash their ill-gotten gains in Swiss accounts, this isn’t quite how things work in real life.




● Money-saving travel tips: Speaking of money, it’s worth noting that Switzerland is more expensive than some other travel destinations, but this shouldn’t discourage businesses from planning a trip. There are certain economical practices that can help ensure companies don’t overextend their budget. One includes a partnership with a local destination management company that specializes in Swiss travel. 

Successful corporate travel in Switzerland 


In order to make the most of a meeting, event or incentive travel trip to Switzerland, businesses and event planners should reach out to an expert DMC with considerable knowledge about key Swiss locations and venues. Working with a DMC not only comes with the advantage of local expertise, but this partnership can also help businesses ensure they choose the right location and activities to create the best meeting, conference or incentive trip experience for participants, all while minding their budget. 


To find out more about how our Global DMC Network can help you plan the best corporate travel excursion to Switzerland, check out our destination pages or get in touch with our local specialists Kuoni and Tumlare.