DMC Event Planning: Roadshow

13 Mar

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Planning a Roadshow  


The buzz of activity surrounding a roadshow is exhilarating. Taking a company’s message directly to interested customers, prospects and partners generates a lot of excitement. At roadshow events, attendees get the opportunity to interact directly with brand ambassadors to discuss products and services, get hands-on experience with new offerings and make lasting business connections.


Roadshows can be crucial to the success of a new business initiative, but they also represent a significant investment of time, personnel and money. To ensure your client’s next roadshow is a triumph, you’ll need to work with local venues, vendors and service providers. But how will you know you’re getting the best services at fair prices? And how do you find the ideal venues in which to showcase your client’s brand? 


Destination management companies (DMCs) such as ours can provide expert knowledge of local resources to ensure each stop of your roadshow meets and exceeds your client’s expectations.

A roadshow is an opportunity to make strong connections 


Planning any corporate event involves many moving parts. A roadshow represents an even more complex event because it can span multiple cities, countries and even continents. In addition to the logistics of the event itself, your client will also be concerned about producing and measuring the return on investment (ROI) of the roadshow.


For example, if the goal of the roadshow is to generate new leads, your client will be busy meeting with prospective customers, performing demonstrations and collecting attendee information. When the roadshow itself goes smoothly, the company can focus on their business goals. 

Reasons companies embark on roadshows can include:



  • Spreading brand awareness: Roadshows mix business and fun. Attendees get a taste of what the brand can offer while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere, great food and engaging entertainment. 



  • Establishing thought leadership: Roadshow content presented by subject matter experts helps to demonstrate the brand’s position as an industry leader.



  • Generating sales opportunities: Face-to-face relationships are important in any industry. By meeting with customers and prospects in person, sales representatives can capitalize on opportunities they’re not likely to find through other channels. 



Whether you’re taking your clients on a multi-city trip through a single country or across several international borders, there are a few common considerations to think about:

Roadshow venues should support the desired outcome of the event 


When putting together a roadshow, your clients will likely have several requirements for each stop on the trip. Generally, roadshows are built around branded content such as event speakers, presentations and product demonstrations. The venues you choose will need to accommodate your client’s unique content.


For example, when a French video game developer approached our DMC Kuoni Destination Management about creating a roadshow for the launch of their latest product, the Madrid team immediately knew the event spaces would need to be unique. Taking inspiration from the game’s setting – 19th century London – Kuoni found venues that reflected the Industrial Revolution in five cities across Europe.


Over the course of three days, more than 4,700 fans and journalists were able to experience the game in atmospheric environments that brought the magic of the game’s world to life. Because this roadshow was centered around interactive stations, the Kuoni team handled the technical and creative challenges to help attendees to feel completely immersed in the experience. 


By closely tying the event’s theme to the venue, attendees will feel more engaged with the content and messaging of your client’s brand. The more clearly you understand your client’s goals and intentions, the better you’ll be able to work with a DMC to identify appropriate venues.

DMCs provide critical support for Road Shows 



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Preparing for a roadshow multiplies the typical challenges of event planning. When your clients plan to visit several destinations on an extended trip, it means you’ll need to find venues and service providers in multiple locations.


Arranging for transportation between destinations is another important consideration.



When you work with our DMCs, you gain access to a team of experts who possess deep local knowledge. They understand the customs and traditions of each destination. In addition, our DMCs know what fair market prices are for goods and services so you can be sure your client is charged appropriately.


E.g. when we debuted our Global DMC Network in India – we held 3 roadshows, in 3 cities! New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, not quite in close proximity to each other. Our representatives flew in from all corners of Asia Pacific and Europe – we needed amazing venues, MCs, event managers, branding merchandise, media contacts, ground support and local support – basically one whole week of intricacies. Luckily for us, our Tumlare India colleagues took care of everything.

How our DMC Tumlare helped us, the other ones in our Network can offer the same flexibility to your clients: 



  • Transportation services: Ground operations to and from venues. 


  • Accommodations: Our DMCs know which hotels are best. They can ensure your clients stay close to the venue where the roadshow is held, so they spend less time commuting and more time focusing on their customers.


  • Venue selection: Our DMCs can work with you to identify venues that accommodate all of your client’s needs. 


  • Food, drinks and entertainment: Roadshow events are supposed to be fun. The right caterers and entertainers will ensure everyone has a memorable experience. 


  • VIP services: When event attendees require special treatment, our DMCs can help you create world-class experiences. 


Promotions and press coverage are another area where our DMCs shine. For example, during the first stop of our India roadshow, Tumlare connected us with the local media resulting in some great coverage. And when we debuted in Dubai, Tour East’s representatives connected us as well. 


DMCs provide local knowledge and event expertise


A successful roadshow is one that gives your clients the time, space and resources to make meaningful connections with customers and prospects. Travelling between multiple cities and countries can be physically demanding, which is why it’s important to work with travel partners who can facilitate comfortable accommodations and easy land transportation between lodgings and venues. 


If you’re organizing a roadshow, get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about how our Global Network of DMCs can help.