Around Europe On a Seat-in-Coach Tour

04 Mar

Paris City view Eiffel Tower

The Story of an Unforgettable Seat-in-Coach Tour 


Western Europe holds many wonders for travelers of all experience levels. From grand capital cities with amazing architecture to the tranquil countryside, there’s something for groups, couples and individual travelers to enjoy.


Today, we’re catching up with George and Emily, who are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. They worked with a local travel agent to book the ‘Jewels of Europe’ Seat-in-Coach Tour offered by our Global Network’s Europamundo Vacaciones.


When their relationship was young, George and Emily backpacked through Europe, staying in hostels and riding the rails with fellow travelers. Now, the couple wants to relive those fond memories, but in more comfort than they could afford in their youth. Let’s see how they’re getting on:

Travel itineraries for every taste


A seat-in-coach tour appealed to George and Emily for several reasons. On one hand, an organized tour provides them with four-star hotel bookings, access to locations that aren’t easily accessible by public transport and the expertise of English-speaking guides. On the other hand, when George and Emily wish to slip away from the group and revisit somewhere special to them, they can rejoin the tour later as the similar tour departs several times a month. 


Their 18-day excursion begins in Paris. Upon their arrival at the airport, George and Emily have a transfer to their hotel waiting for them. With their luggage secured, the couple ventures down to the reception area where they get their first chance to meet the other members of their group. 


Paris City View Eiffel Tower

Among the other travelers are Sean, a mechanical engineer, and David, an account manager. In their conversation, George learns that they are solo travelers connected via social media before agreeing to share hotel rooms on the tour.

They have a lot in common, so George and Emily decide to dine with them in the Montmartre district before their evening funicular ride to see the sparkling lights of Paris. 

Technology to stay connected


Before boarding the coach to visit the Eiffel Tower on their first morning in Paris, George downloads the Europamundo app to his phone. With a few taps, he can view the trip itinerary, access guides and view information about their hotels. 


On the coach, George and Emily exchange good mornings with their fellow travelers and settle into comfortable seats. George gets on the vehicle’s Wi-Fi network and quickly checks the local weather report. He forgot to bring his hat, but the report promises a mild day.  


Before getting on the road, their tour guide explains that every Europamundo coach is designed to the EURO6 standard. This is the least contaminating type of vehicle, and three levels above what is legally required. The guide explains that this is a part of the company’s award-winning efforts to become CO2 neutral. 


Europamundo Seat-in-Coach Tour

George and Emily smile, thinking about how far they’ve come since the smoggy trains they rode the last time they were in Europe. A beam of sunlight breaks the cloud cover, and the coach begins its journey.


Emily’s phone buzzes and she sees a notification for a trip satisfaction survey. She sees a few other passengers doing the same. No doubt if there was some discomfort, the tour leader would take immediate action to remedy it, but everyone seems satisfied. She taps on the happy emoji and puts her phone away so she can hold George’s hand while watching the lively Paris streets float by. 

Seamless trip customization


Later on the trip, George and Emily rise early and get a quick bite to eat before heading into the heart of London on their own. Today, they’re breaking away from their coach group to revisit some of the places they spent time in their youth. While the rest of the group visits Buckingham Palace, the couple takes a leisurely stroll through the the Maltby Street Market before getting lunch at a Victorian-era pub and taking in a show at the famous Globe Theatre. 


Returning to their hotel room in the evening, the couple decides they’re having such a great time reliving their youth in London that they want to stay an extra day. They say farewell to David and Sean and wish them well on the next leg of their journey. George and Emily will join up with another tour group when they’re ready to leave London.

Memories to last a lifetime


Later on, George and Emily leave their four-star hotel in Milan, Italy and hop on their coach headed to Pisa. On the way, their guide explains the history of the city’s famous leaning tower and lets them know about the restaurants where the group can get discounts on authentic Italian cuisine. George jokes about needing to walk off all the pasta he’s eaten and Emily laughs. Thanks to the flexible dining options offered, they’ve been able to avoid George’s food sensitivities and he’s been eating better in Europe than he does back home. 


Colosseum RomeThe couple has one more day in Italy before catching a return flight from Rome. Throughout their trip, George and Emily have taken hundreds of pictures and made memories that will last them a lifetime.



As they disembark from the coach and take a breath of the fresh air, George notes that it’s almost time to go home.



“But,” he says, “that means we can start planning our next trip. You know I’ve always wanted to see Budapest.” 


Emily gives his hand a squeeze. “Me too.” 


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