Hanoi – Vietnam

11 Feb

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi’s Street Food


Vietnam is known for its delicious food.. nothing is better than cozying up with a warm bowl of pho on a cold winter’s day, while a bowl of bún cha is the perfect lunch on a hot day. And it happens to be that Hanoi is known for its wonderful selection of street food.


Hanoi is the birthplace of pho – so it’s first on the list of dishes to try. Although you may have tried it before, the soup found in Hanoi is next-level. Pho is traditionally made with beef and is a brothy soup filled with noodles and various cuts of meat. It’s served with fresh herbs, bean sprouts, lime, shallot, and spicy hot sauce to personalize it to your tastes. You will not have a hard time finding a place to order a steaming bowl of pho, but how to choose when there are so many options? One restaurant that has been around for a long time and has built a loyal following is Pho Suong. Their specialty is beef pho and for a good reason.. their broth is rich, flavorful and will keep you coming back for more.


Another wonderful treat is a bowl of bún cha, a dish of thin vermicelli rice noodles served with succulent grilled pork, a fried spring roll, an assortment of herbs, lime, shallots, pickled vegetables, sliced chilies, and an addictive sauce made from fish sauce, sugar, and vinegar. This is another classic Hanoi dish and one of the best places to try it is at Bún Cha Ta Hanoi. This restaurant not only serves a delicious bún cha, but also offers cooking classes. If you are looking for a team building activity, their private classes include a hotel pick-up, a trip to the market, a welcome tea and a workshop on 5 different classic Vietnamese dishes. You will receive a cookbook as a gift to recreate the flavors at home. 


A Vietnamese Egg Coffee is an amazing pick-me-up. This delicious drink is almost like a dessert. It’s created when the coffee is topped with a layer of sweetened condensed milk that has been whipped with egg yolk, creating a fluffy topping more like meringue than a custard.

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