Orlando – Florida

13 Feb


We Have a Liftoff! 


The Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida offers an exciting alternative to Disney World. The historic center is home to the real space shuttle Atlantis and has been NASA’s main launch site for human spaceflight since 1968. Named after John F. Kennedy, the space center now offers many attractions aimed at both entertainment and education.

What to do at the Kennedy Space Center? 


There is a lot to see and explore at the Kennedy Space Center throughout an entire day. The center is organized into Mission Zones, grouping different tours and attractions into chronological eras of space history. You can learn about the legendary heroes of early space travel or gaze in awe at the Saturn V Moon Rocket – the largest rocket ever flown to help get humans to the moon. See the Space Shuttle Atlantis up close and personal and try your hand at the training simulator. You will see if you have the skills to dock and land a space shuttle on your own! You can even experience what it’s like to blast into space on the eight-and-half-minute Shuttle Launch Experience.


Take the Kennedy Space Center Bus tour which is included with general admission. This tour will give you behind-the-scenes access to working spaceflight facilities and historic launch sites which are usually off-limits to the general public. If there’s an area of space travel that you’re especially interested in, the Space Center offers the option of add-on bus tours with additional, exclusive stops.


If in Orlando during a shuttle launch, you should certainly purchase tickets to watch the take-off. The Kennedy Space Center offers the closest opportunity to view this impressive sight. There are various tiers of viewing options available, including audio commentary about the launch, food and beverages, restroom access and souvenirs.


The Kennedy Space Center also offers an impressive venue for corporate parties and events, including unique team-building opportunities. The venue has facilities to accommodate your meetings or conferences. The Apollo/Saturn V Center Conference Room was originally used by NASA executives, but it’s now available for your next big meeting. The view from the conference room overlooks the authentic Saturn V Moon Rocket. Take a break on the private patio and enjoy views of the nearby launch pads.


For the ultimate team-building activity, the Kennedy Space Center offers the Astronaut Training Experience. Your team will prepare for a mission to Mars – just as the name implies. You will work together to complete a simulated mission and experience what it’s like to walk on Mars in a micro-gravity environment. In addition to these facilities, it is possible to buy-out the entire Visitor Center after hours and truly impress your guests. 

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