How a DMC Can Help You Find Unique Gala Dinner Venues

13 Feb

Sunset Gala

Gala Event Organization.. is a Beach


A gala dinner provides entertainment, food and an enchanting atmosphere. Whether your clients are holding a business conference or celebrating recent accomplishments, an immersive, expertly planned event helps everyone have a fun and memorable experience.


Special occasions require unique and alluring venues. The environment of a gala dinner has the greatest effect on attendees’ perceptions of the celebration. The perfect venue not only makes the evening more memorable, but also ensures that everyone is cared for with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Our Hawaii-based destination management company (DMC) MC&A is a gala superstar by using a personalized boutique-approach focusing on not merely executing an event, but designing it from scratch.

A gala dinner should be a special event


A gala is a large party that generally features a sit-down or buffet-style meal, live entertainment and a theme. Together, the event’s decor and atmosphere create an alluring environment where guests can mingle, enjoy the company of their peers and celebrate a special occasion.


Compared with other types of events, galas tend to be formal events and therefore generally require a dress code. However, depending on the theme of the event, black ties and evening dresses may not be necessary. For instance, when MC&A hosted a masquerade-themed gala, attendees donned feathered eye masks and cocktail dresses. 


The most effective gala themes reflect the venue and location in which they are held. A gala dinner held in Miami won’t look the same as one held in Las Vegas, for example. The theme helps mark the occasion, and makes dinner guests feel as if they’re temporarily leaving their ordinary lives for a magical evening of dinner, drinks and maybe even a little dancing.


Galas can take many forms


Gala venues are versatile. When you work with an expert event planner, you’ll be able to transform your chosen venue into the perfect setting for your client’s corporate event, cocktail party or team-building trip. 


Gala dinners usually proceed in phases. For example, as guests arrive, they may be treated to a signature cocktail and appetizers to help them get comfortable and familiarize themselves with other attendees. For a Southwestern-themed event, MC&A created a luxurious lounge area complete with plush couches and comfy throw pillows inspired by Native American designs. 



As the dinner hour arrives, guests may be welcomed to serve themselves at a buffet, or choose from a predetermined menu for a sit-down meal. Entertainment may take place during the dinner or afterwards. Gala events often include events such as an award ceremony or charity auction.




Depending on the location, indoor and outdoor venues may be suitable for Christmas parties and similar annual events where clients celebrate their achievements and look forward to the coming year. Galas should be exciting. These are events people will be talking about for years to come. The perfect gala venue is one that gives your clients the space they need to celebrate and make lasting memories.


A gala venue should honor the spirit of the event


The venue at which a gala is held should reflect the goals of the event. For example, if your client’s intention is to celebrate their team’s achievements from the past year, there should be a stage from which they can give speeches or show videos. Or, if your client wants to hold a silent auction, the venue should offer a space where attendees can view and bid on auction items. 


Galas can be held at many types of venues. What’s important to remember is that the venue should allow attendees to comfortably enjoy the evening’s food and entertainment. MC&A has successfully crafted gala programs in venues such as:


banquet halls, bars & restaurants, hotels, conference & events centers, community centers, art galleries, sports clubs, estates, stadiums, and parks & beaches..


Sunset Gala
Where the local climate permits, outdoor venues can be highly suitable to gala dinners. Dinner on a beach illuminated by a summer sunset can be just as enchanting, if not more so, than a dinner held in an indoor environment. Ultimately, your choice of venue will depend on your client’s preferences.





Use local resources to find the perfect gala dinner venue


Finding the perfect gala dinner venue in your client’s chosen location can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the area. Finding the right venue is just the beginning. You may also be required to hire catering services, decorators and entertainment. So how to find the right venue and ensure it’s ready in time for the event?


To meet and exceed your client’s expectations, everything about the gala needs to work seamlessly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to work with a partner who knows your destination and its available venue options. That’s where our local DMCs can play an important role. 


Our DMCs have a wealth of knowledge about the cities in which they operate. They have long-lasting professional partnerships with local vendors and event spaces. They are deeply embedded in the local community and culture of each destination. MC&A has created many galas featuring unique table settings, catering options and entertainment. A gathering of professional welders featured a themed brulee station, for example.


Importantly, our DMCs work closely with venue staff and meeting planners to ensure the event is carried out with your client’s wishes close in mind. From concept development to the management and logistics of the event, our DMCs will stand by your clients’ needs.  






This client-centric approach includes hands-on service and flexibility so that each event is highly engaging, endlessly entertaining and extremely fun. 


Work with a DMC to ensure the success of your gala dinner


Only a local partner can know the best venues, caterers, entertainment and service providers operating at your intended destination. Our DMCs can help you and your clients to get fair pricing for the services you need. They also understand local customs and expectations so that your event can go off without a hitch. From finding the freshest food to hiring the best event staff, a DMC can take care of the logistics so your client can completely enjoy their gala event. 



If you’re looking for a unique and immersive event environment for a gala dinner in Hawaii or Mainland USA, connect with the experts at MC&A to learn more