Canada, a vast, sprawling country, offers visitors spectacular mountain vistas, miles of craggy seacoasts, and sweeping prairies, along with cosmopolitan urban areas that feature a touch of Continental Europe in the East, a combination of cowboy and wildcatter culture in the center provinces, and a distinct British signature in the West. For corporate events, the country’s major cities are on a par with the finest business destinations in the world and can provide all the amenities needed for conventions, conferences, meetings, events, or retreats.



Canada is the second largest country in the world. Bordered by the United States in the south, its northern boundary is formed by the Arctic Ocean. It lies between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and in the northwest shares a border with the non-contiguous US state of Alaska. Its terrain ranges from the rocky Atlantic seacoast and the Laurentians, part of the Appalachian Range, in the East; the open, fertile prairies of its central territories, and the rugged Rockies in the West. Its two coastlines benefit from the warming Gulf Stream in the Maritime Provinces and the balmy Japanese Current in British Columbia.

Canada’s renown as a friendly, welcoming nation with breathtaking natural scenery and thriving, modern cities is well deserved, and the country opened its doors to more than 20 million visitors in 2017. The country draws its character from the varied cultural influences of its many nationalities, and legal policies that promote a “just society” are protected by their constitution. Canadians place a premium on inclusiveness, equality, and multiculturalism.

Take advantage of Canada’s many cultural options. Stroll through some of the finest museums on the continent, or give your team an afternoon or evening of sports thrills. Hockey and lacrosse have been officially recognized as the national sports, and Canadians also enjoy Major League baseball, soccer, gridiron football, basketball, and rodeo events.

And because Canada is affordable—while still providing the best in international hotel chains as well as a range of entertainment options from high-brow to funky—you will certainly get the most out of your travel dollars.